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Welcome to Knight Gaming League of Legends Tournaments

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Knight Gaming would like to Welcome you to the variety of Tournaments that we host through battlefy and by using discord.

To sign up just click the battlefy link below to find upcoming tournaments and sign up by clicking join.

To Join our Discord just click the Discord button above, be sure to download the Discord app for a more stable connection.

Be aware the prizing, types, and times of tournaments will change in the future. 

As of currently Every Weekend on Friday and Saturday at 6:15 pm Central Time zone we have League of Legends Tournaments.

Fridays are Premade Teams and Saturdays are Free Agents.

The current Prizing is 1380 RP for each winner of the 1st place team and a MVP award for the best player on the 2nd place team of 1380 RP.

Be sure to Check out the Tournament Stream:

and Follow the Twitter:

Staff Search

BkLotus OFC posted Jul 5, 17

     Welcome To Knight Gaming 

Knight Gaming Is Currently In Search Of Staff Members For The Following Regiments...

Knight Gaming League Of Legends Tournaments

Expectations For Officers Here At KnT.

Application For Officer.

Knight Gaming Media Team.

Knight Gaming Stream Team.

Stream Team Sign Up.

Some wild Oceanics Appear

Flickky Dfail posted Mar 26, 17

Gidday, Kia Ora, 안녕, 你好, or simply just Hi. 

Where ever you may come from around the Oceanic/SEA/Asia region, or simply just stay up too late for your own good, you'll already know there's a lot of us in the Knight Gaming community.

Earlier on this year we went through a rebuild period that would cause most guilds to crumble yet we came back stronger than ever. This was not only due to the officers and leadership that we have but by every single one of you still showing up despite less than desirable circumstances. Build diversity, GvG's, and changing the way we do combat has not only given us a more tailored fit for our time zone but has made things fun again. In order to continue to provide this, there have been many busy bees operating in the background over the past few weeks. We can now happily announce our newest community to the Knight Gaming family.

Knîghtmare, or KnM, is WvW-focused with structured raids during the Oceanic/SEA timezone. Like Knights of the Temple, we do not have a 100% rep policy however during raid times we expect you to be in WvW and repping the correct guild. There are also set builds for classes but we encourage experimentation; if you can justify why your build is better for both you and other members you are more than welcome to run variants providing your build can sustain your classes' role.

For current members more information on Knîghtmare and how you can join can be found in the announcement post here. If you are currently not a member of Knight Gaming feel free to have a read of our announcement publicly earlier this week on the Blackgate forums, then submit an app and let us know you're interested.

10v10 with [PHX] training

Visual OFC posted Mar 26, 17

Another 10v10 opportunity 10/13 9:30PM EST. Spots are first come, first server. Please sign up here!

Red Panda Training

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