Welcome to Knight Gaming League of Legends Tournaments

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Knight Gaming would like to Welcome you to the variety of Tournaments that we host through battlefy and by using discord.

To sign up just click the battlefy link below to find upcoming tournaments and sign up by clicking join.


To Join our Discord just click the Discord button above, be sure to download the Discord app for a more stable connection.

Be aware the prizing, types, and times of tournaments will change in the future. 

As of currently Every Weekend on Friday and Saturday at 6:15 pm Central Time zone we have League of Legends Tournaments.

Fridays are Premade Teams and Saturdays are Free Agents.

The current Prizing is 1380 RP for each winner of the 1st place team and a MVP award for the best player on the 2nd place team of 1380 RP.

Be sure to Check out the Tournament Stream: 


and Follow the Twitter: